Current Specials

Or specials change about 5-6 tiles per year. These ones are on right now. The oters will come another time again. 

See the different sizes of Praline Boxes, and chose the one you like best.

Summer Breeze
With apricot filling and thyme. Vegan.
Basil's Marriage
Refreshing basil cream with pink pepper syrup. Vegan.
Lemongrass Dream
A fresh caramel with lemongrass. Vegan.
with a pate-de-fruit of lime and pepermint and a soft ganache. Vegan.
with blackcurrant and a variety of four different peppers. Vegan.
with a fruity raspberry layer and a basil ganache. Vegan.
Diamond Hearts
With passionfruit and almonds. Vegan.
Drunken Yuzu
A smooth truffe made with Yuzu and Yuzu sake liquor. Vegan.
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